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Greensted Primary School & Nursery


Year 6 - Autumn Term

World War II

During this topic children will:

  • Study a range of literature including Goodnight Mr Tom, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe & Anne Frank’s Diary and use this as a basis for writing fiction and non- fiction texts
  • Learn about events leading up to the announcement of WW2 as well as life during the war.
  • Enjoy an immersive WW2 experience day
  • Consolidate Mathematical understanding ( Arithmetic, as well as reasoning and problem solving)
  • Investigate the science of light and electricity through a range of inquiries
  • Understand the role of the Catholic Church in our community & The Jewish Home ( Linking to WW2)
  • Have a deeper understanding of Black History Month through the Windrush Generation and their legacy
  • Apply artistic skills in portrait art and sketching using graded pencils
  • Study the works of sculpture artist Henry Moore and replicate his Wax resist
  • Understand the importance of Internet Safety as well as coding.

Over the Autumn term, we will be reading the following books:



We use tiered Vocabulary Word Mats to develop children's use of vocabulary in their written work

You can support your child by helping them to learn the vocabulary for the topic and completing the home learning tasks


 Here are our children enjoying their WW2 day: 

Y6 WW2 Immersive Day


Here are some examples of children's work: