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Greensted Primary School & Nursery


Year 6 - Autumn Term

World War II

During this topic children:

  • Study a range of literature including When The Sky Falls, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe & Anne Frank’s Diary and use this as a basis for writing fiction and non- fiction texts
  • Learn about events leading up to the announcement of WW2 as well as life during the war in both Britain and Germany.
  • Enjoy an immersive WW2 experience day and visit RAF Hendon. 
  • Consolidate Mathematical understanding ( Arithmetic, as well as reasoning and problem solving)
  • Investigate the science of light and electricity through a range of inquiries
  • Understand the impact of Peace & Conflict within religions. 
  • Have a deeper understanding of Black History Month through the Windrush Generation and their legacy
  • Apply artistic skills in portrait art and sketching using graded pencils as well as refining water colour skills. 
  • Study the works of sculpture artist Henry Moore and replicate his Wax resist
  • Understand the importance of Internet Safety as well as designing their own apps. 
  • Refine team tactics in Dodgeball & Basketball. 
  • Speak and write basic French conversation.

Click here for a copy of our Medium Term Planning.

Over the Autumn term, we study the following texts:



       Here are examples of our work: 


Y6 WW2 Immersive Day