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Greensted Primary School & Nursery

Pupil Leadership Team


             Lacie - Head Girl                                    Joseph - Head Boy                 

After finding out I had been voted by my peers as Head Girl, I felt so proud that I would have opportunities and experiences representing our Outstanding school.   One aspect I enjoy the most is being a role model for all (especially the much younger pupils).  I believe I am naturally kind and sociable which means I am approachable if someone has something they want to say about improvements to the school.  I like listening to others' ideas and helping those in need.

Lacie - Head Girl

Being Head Boy has been the most exciting opportunity  as I have been able to help the school in many different ways.  I have the chance to speak to visitors about our incredible school and help organise grand events which we hold throughout the year.  This role has also developed my own confidence and self-esteem and I would like to help others feel like they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it.

Joseph - Head Boy

Pupil Leadership Team

At Greensted Primary School, we are proud to be part of our school's Pupil Leadership team as this is a great way to share our views, opinions and ideas about a variety of issues around our school. 

We enjoy working closely with our Headteacher, Mr Chetty and our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Rowe who always listen carefully to our ideas and opinions.

We believe that having a strong pupil-led environment is both dynamic and creative, and allows us to develop organisational skills,  public speaking skills and greater self-confidence as well as allowing us to have a say in how our school and our local community grows, thrives and succeeds.

  By becoming part of the school Pupil Leadership Team, we feel that we are working towards becoming leaders of the future, ready for work, and ready to take on the world!

We look forward to welcoming you to our brilliant school!

 Greensted Pupil Leadership Team

Our Duties

As part of the Pupil Leadership Team, we carry out a range of duties which can include the following:

  • Showing visitors around our school.
  • Supporting members of the PTA during themed events, such as Father's Day / Mother's Day Sales, Bake Sale or sorting event prizes.
  • Selling tickets for various events such as Movie Nights or School Discos. 
  • Selling commemorative merchandise such as Royal Legion Poppies, Red Noses or Children in Need headbands.
  • Supporting teachers with different sporting events such as Football tournaments or Netball Rallies.
  • Running stalls at the school Summer Fayre.

Being able to take part in these activities helps us to give something back to our school and make it even better!