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The Geography Curriculum at Greensted

At Greensted Primary School we have carefully shaped our Geography curriculum to ensure it is completely inclusive to all the pupils at our School. Our lessons encompass all of the requirements of the National Curriculum for Geography.

Geography helps our pupils to understand the complexity different areas both local, national and worldwide. Therefore, we have created a curriculum which allows progressive development of geographical concepts, knowledge and importantly demonstrates progression of skills.


At Greensted Primary School, our intent is to inspire our pupils with a love for and curiosity about the world we live in whether it be its landscape, physical and human processes, natural resources, extreme weather or population features.

We strive to provide our pupils with a comprehensive foundation of geographical knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to access and understand resources, articulate their learning and ultimately support and express independent enquiry throughout their lifetime.

We will support our pupils so that they develop geographical skills such as the use of compasses, maps, atlases and globes, aerial photographs and digital resources so they can access and communicate information in a variety of ways. We will also provide them with opportunities for fieldwork and educational visits to support these skills and their learning so that the subject has context and relevance.


The National Curriculum will be referenced and followed to ensure full coverage of the subject and the choice of topics and subsequent planning will focus not just on imparting knowledge but also the skills for pupils to pursue their own independent learning.

Teachers will be aware of and follow a structured framework for the progression of skills.

Emphasis will be given to pupil knowledge of their immediate, regional and national environment. Once such knowledge and skills for learning are embedded, learning will be extended to encompass global and regions and biomes. Units taught will, wherever possible, link with year group English texts, Art and RE themes so that learning is both holistic and in context.

The importance of and value of Geography both in terms of knowledge and the application of skills will always be apparent across the school. For example, through displays, whole school challenges and annual theme weeks.

There will be ongoing monitoring of teaching and learning. The subject leader is provided with a budget to provide resources and, where appropriate, help fund school trips and/or visiting workshops and visitors who can enhance learning and inspire pupils.


Through a high quality and well-thought out curriculum, plus access to targeted resource and learning experiences, all pupils will acquire the knowledge and skills set out in the National Curriculum and be equipped to pursue independent learning in future life.

Standards and presentation will remain high and in line with other subjects, reflecting not just the learning of all pupils but their personal and reasoned opinions.

Pupils will be secure in their learning and with the necessary skills to handle the curriculum at Key Stage 3. Most importantly, pupils will acquire a love of and passion for their local and global environments that will inspire their interest throughout their lifetime.



Please click the link below to view the Geography Policy

Geography Policy