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Greensted Primary School & Nursery



At Greensted, we follow a clear progression of skills in Phonics that supports our pupils as they transition from infant school to our junior school. Click the image below to find out more!

Phonics Progression


Our vision is to distil a lifelong love of reading by ensuring targeted children that have not mastered Phonics in KS1 are confident with phonics strategies.  At Greensted Primary School, we believe effective, targeted Phonics teaching and learning is essential for high attainment in reading and writing.  Additionally, confidence with phonics, phonological awareness and reading is integral across the curriculum and used in all subjects.


In order to move Greensted’s Phonics teaching forwards it has been necessary to implement a clear and consistent inclusive teaching scheme for pupils who did not pass the phonics screening test in KS1. Read Write Inc. is a literacy programme that helps children learn synthetic phonics. The scheme includes both a phonics and reading focus, including teaching of phoneme and grapheme awareness, sight vocabulary, strategies for decoding and encoding words, spelling and accurate letter formation. We believe these sessions, together with precision teaching strategies are essential to increasing the speed of children’s reading development and allows the gaps between KS1 and KS2 to be addressed. Teaching of Phonics using Read Write Inc. will be pitched at the correct level for each child, ensuring every child is sufficiently challenged while able to make clear progress.  It will stimulate children through active learning in which they enjoy achieving and progressing.  The session use phonics, reading and writing skills together to connect and support each of these aspects.


Our Phonics programme is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression.   Children at Greensted Primary School enjoy and are enthusiastic about Phonics lessons.  It encourages consistency of Phonics teaching and learning across the school.  We hope to accelerate children’s literacy learning leading to improvements in attainment. By the time children leave in Year 6, every child will have embedded the skills and knowledge to enable them to read confidently.  In this way we ensure that children are Key Stage 3 ready.