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Greensted Primary School & Nursery

Cookery Club

Cooking Club is such not only a deliciously fun club but it teaches pupils valuable life skills. Every week children look at preparing a range of savoury and sweet dishes.


During our hour session, students have time to share, bond, and work together. The students acquire important skills like: responsibility, independence, social skills, and creativity. They are taught how to follow instructions and think about how to incorporate all of the food groups. We also have a huge focus on hygiene and how to ensure we cook and prepare food safely. Many of the students get really excited when they learn how to make a new dish and will often go home and share this with their families. Food can be a way of expressing ourselves and it allows children to show their creative flare.

Overall, cooking club has grown to be a place of belonging, caring for one another, and teamwork. I hope that the skills like communication, teamwork, and independence, the students learn in cooking club will carry over to other areas in their life; not just when they cook. Plus, what’s not to like about free, scrumptious food.